Signs read: 'We are not afraid!' and 'Democracy - YES!!'

Signs read: ‘We are not afraid!’ and ‘Democracy – YES!!’

Shatil is invested in safeguarding Israeli democracy, placing a special emphasis on combating anti-democratic legislation, promoting democratic participation, and rooting out the scourge of racism which threatens to undermine Israeli democracy.

Combating anti-democratic legislation and discourse

Shatil reaches out to diverse audiences, initiates and facilitates ad-hoc and strategic collaborative campaigns around specific issues or bills, and connects emerging actors with established forces working to ward off rising threats to democracy. Shatil’s Center for Policy Change advocates vis-à-vis legislators, engages the media and partners in academia as well as a range of public institutions. Closely collaborating with the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), the Center mobilizes Shatil’s vast networks within civil society, consolidating diverse stakeholders into an effective force working to counter anti-democratic developments.

Upholding freedom of speech

Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right, critical to the maintenance of an open and democratic society committed to safeguarding human rights and minority rights in particular.

Our work in this field, in partnership with ACRI and Sikkuy, addresses the complex intersection between free speech and hate speech, by creating public and institutional awareness and guidelines regarding the distinction between the legitimate exercise of free speech entitled to protection, and the illegitimate use of speech to incite and threaten the rights and safety of unpopular minorities.

Promoting democratic participation

Promoting citizen participation is essential to the vibrancy of a democracy. Shatil collaborates with and provides assistance to innovative civil-society ventures such as Kol Zchut (All rights, aka “Wiki-rights”), Hasadna – the Public Knowledge Workshop, which operates Open Budget, Open Knesset,Open Finance Committee and the The Trajteberg Tracker– innovative online platforms enabling citizens to gain access to information, monitor and influence policy-making and budgeting processes.


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