Local Sustainable Economic Development


Shatil encourages the local, sustainable economic development (LSED) in the Negev

Local Sustainable Economic Development in the Negev

Shatil’s local sustainable economic development (LSED) project in the Negev attempts to foster an alternative economic paradigm whereby wealth is defined by the well being of people, the planet, in addition to profit. In this way, this project encourages real and sustainable prosperity in the Negev.

Shatil’s initiative, which is in collaboration with partners from the Negev, Italy, Portugal and the Palestinian Authority, has three parts: a professional pan-Mediterranean professional network, a research group, and a Negev-based local sustainable economics Action Group.

The initiative helps to implement actual local sustainable economic initiatives in the field, both in Israel and in the Palestinian Authority. It fosters pilots that will serve as a model for replication elsewhere in Israel and the Palestinian Authority, as well as in peripheral regions throughout the Mediterranean region.

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