Our Mission

shatil LogoMission

Shatil, the operating arm of the New Israel Fund, strengthens the forces building a just, democratic and shared society in Israel.

We aspire toward a society based on equality of all citizens and residents of Israel – a society that believes in the principles of social and economic justice and works to achieve them; a society that promotes human and civil rights, respects religious and cultural differences, and recognizes the importance of a truly shared society.

With three centers throughout Israel and a multi-lingual, multi-cultural staff, Shatil has dramatically altered Israel’s civil society landscape, reaching out to disenfranchised and disempowered communities and touching the lives of thousands upon thousands. Shatil promotes a broad strategic agenda aimed at creating sustainable change for the common good. Shatil is uniquely positioned to influence policy by spearheading national advocacy campaigns, building effective coalitions, building leadership, and strengthening organizations who share the vision of a just and equitable Israel.

What we work on

Democracy: Shatil is invested in safeguarding Israeli democracy, paying a special emphasis to combating anti-democratic legislation and promoting democratic participation.

Social Justice: Shatil’s Social Justice Initiative combats poverty and reduces social-economic gaps.

Racism and Shared Society: Shatil works to combat racism and to advance the creation of a shared society – a society based not only on coexistence and mutual tolerance, but one in which all groups feel a sense of ownership.

Religious Freedom: Shatil’s strengthens the capacities of pluralist organizations, communities and coalitions, provides alternatives to the ultra-Orthodox rabbinate on issues of personal status, and fights against the ongoing exclusion of women from the public sphere.

Palestinian Israelis: Shatil works to promote equality in resource allocation and opportunity for Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel alike.

How we do it

Capacity Building: Every year, Shatil provides more than 10,000 hours of capacity building and consultation services to over 400 organizations, movements, and coalitions. Using the expertise of a multi-lingual and multi-cultural staff, our efforts have helped lead to a marked improvement in social change organizations’ organizational capacities, as relates to managerial, fundraising, and additional functions.

Networking and Organizing: Sustainable change for Israel’s most intractable social challenges requires the strengthening, broadening and networking of all the diverse actors working to create change. Shatil reaches out to players who help us further our vision of a just and equitable Israel. Our partners include the academic world, Knesset Members, government ministries, local councils, hospitals, PTAs, reporters, businesses, foundations, and of course, our colleagues at social change organizations. This way, we are not only more effective, but we also disseminate our message to those who might not view social change as a part of their mandate. By broadening the social change arena, we generate greater impact.

Advocacy and Policy Change: By maintaining relationships with a broad range of decision-makers and guiding organizations in public campaigns, as well as directly spearheading a number of policy initiatives, Shatil’s Center for Policy Change enables progressive civil society to more effectively promote its message in the media and in policymaking circles.

A history of impact

During the past thirty years, Shatil has established or guided 83 coalitions; has influenced 500 laws, bills or amendments; and has conducted 1,275 trainings, upgrading the work of 5,000 civil society organizations and groups.  We provide more than 13,000 hours of organizational guidance and train 2500 people annually.


The New Israel Fund

New Israel FundThe New Israel Fund (NIF) works to strengthen Israel’s democracy and to promote freedom, justice and equality for all citizens. Since 1979, NIF has been a leader in building a just and strong Israel, in the belief that a country’s power is rooted in its commitment to democratic principles, not simply in its ability to defend itself against physical and military threats. Democratic principles are guaranteed in Israel’s Declaration of Independence and are central to the Jewish tradition.

A philanthropic partnership of Israelis, North Americans and Europeans, NIF is today the leading funder of social change in Israel. NIF has planted the seeds for much of the vibrant public-interest sector in Israel, and through Shatil, provides technical support to help hundreds of national and community-based organizations grow.