Shatil @ 30: Yes they can! Bedouin Women Take Action

Shatil works with many populations in Israel that need a boost in order to know and take advantage of their rights as well as to be able to live their potential. Among these populations, are Bedouin women in Israel’s Negev. Living in one of Israel’s most traditional subcultures, Bedouin women suffer from inequality and lack of access to quality education. They often marry young and cannot always choose the men they marry. Many are second or third wives and most have many children. Their choices – not only of mate but of travel, occupation and higher education – are too often not their own.

In our work with Bedouin women, Shatil attempts to straddle the delicate line between empowerment and cultural sensitivity. All of our work is done in consultation with Bedouin women – and often with Bedouin men as well — and is coordinated by Bedouin women and supervised by Sultan Abu Abeid, a Bedouin man who directs Shatil’s Be’er Sheva office. The Bedouin women’s organizations in the Negev continue to be key partners in all efforts.

The video clip above highlights one Shatil project and offers a glimpse of many other programs run for the benefit of Bedouin women.

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