Six Images on Democracy and Freedom of Speech

Shatil is deeply invested in safeguarding Israeli democracy and protecting the right to freedom of speech and dissent.

As part of this work, together with the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), we commissioned a series of graphics, created by master illustrator Hanoch Pieven, for use by members of a Shatil coordinated network of 50+ diverse organizations dedicated to maintaining the principles of free speech and protest in Israel.

Feel free to speak up – we have the right to speak up and criticize without fear of retribution


We have permission to block – the judicial branch, and specifically the high court of justice, play a vital role in setting checks and balances in a democracy.


There is space for you in our common home – all the pieces of Israeli society are vital; diversity and societal stability come together.


We don’t see eye to eye – and that’s OK. Differences of opinion serve as a basis for dialogue and enrich our society. We don’t all need to think as one.


Without all the notes there is no conductor – only if all the voices in our society are heard can we succeed.


There are many ways to be Israeli – our different approaches and identities are the power that let us prosper.