Shatil Programs Develop Future Leaders

Everett1Shatil and the New Israel Fund promote a high level of leadership and professionalism among young leaders and activists in Israel.  Our programs cultivate interest in civil liberties, economic justice and community organizing; and they provide participants with the opportunity to acquire new skills, professional experience and vital tools for strengthening social justice in Israel.  Recruiting diverse men and women from across Israel and the United States, Shatil’s fellowship programs aim to build a new generation of professionals working for social change.


Everett Fellows for Social Justice

Everett2More than 500 undergraduate and graduate students from a wide range of backgrounds and fields of study have completed year-long internships at social change organizations through the Everett Social Justice Fellowship. Intended for students from Israeli universities, the program supplements students’ internships with seminars, lectures, interactive workshops, and a stipend designed to teach participants about issues facing Israeli society as well as enable them to acquire tools for creating change, in such areas as organizing, advocacy, and media and PR. Most alumni continue to play important roles in promoting social justice, through both civil society organizations and through other career paths. In addition to benefiting participants, the fellowship program also affords NGOs much needed additional personnel, strengthening the civil society sector.

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The Porter Environmental Internship Program


The Shatil-Porter Environmental Internship Program provides graduate students at the Tel Aviv University (TAU) Porter School of Environmental Studies with the opportunity to intern for environmental NGOs in the greater Tel Aviv area. The Program partners with innovative grassroots organizations, national organizations, and local government offices that are addressing the links between environmental concerns and public health, sustainable development, and social justice. Through their internships, students observe the importance of environmental activism firsthand; gain crucial professional experience in fields such as research, education, advocacy, and organizational development, and are empowered to become part of the struggle for changes in environmental attitudes and policies. At the same time, the NGOs benefit from highly motivated and qualified personnel who contribute significantly to their work. The students also provide a link between the organizations and the academic world.

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NIF/SHATIL Social Justice Fellowship
Fellows at a Constructive Struggle Workshop

Fellows at a Constructive Struggle Workshop

The NIF/SHATIL Social Justice Fellowship is a ten month immersion experience in which fellows (mainly from the United States but also from Canada, the UK,  and other countries) spend 32 hours per week interning for an approved, individually-selected Israeli non-governmental organization (NGO). Fellows are placed within NGOs working towards safeguarding civil and human rights, pursuing environmental justice, promoting Jewish-Arab equality, advancing the status of women, fostering tolerance and religious pluralism, and/or bridging social and economic gaps. Fellows receive training in leadership and community development, and they engage in monthly enrichment programs and periodic site visits to further develop their understanding of Israel, Israeli activism, and their role as activists both in Israel and within their home communities. In addition to providing a meaningful experience for Fellows, this program strengthens the NIF/Shatil family in the United States and Canada and provides much needed assistance to social change organizations in Israel.

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