Resource Development Center

Shatil's Jerusalem LibraryShatil Resource Development Center is a professional library helping social change organizations in locating funding opportunities. The central library is located in Jerusalem, with another two branches in Shatil’s offices in Haifa and in Beer Sheva.

Access to Shatil’s fundraising library gives non-profits instruction on how to approach foundations, write proposals, obtain funds from Israeli and foreign sources and fundraise within their respective communities.

What Internet Sites are used in the library?
  • The F.C. Search, the internet site of the Foundation Center, containing updated information on 91,000 foundations located in the United States
  • Trustfunding, the site of the Directory of Social Change, contains updated information on 4,200 foundations located in Great Britain
  • Sheatufim, a database of Israeli foundations and foundations from other countries that have a representative in Israel

The library also contains material in Hebrew and/or English about such subjects as:

  • General literature on fund raising
  • Research about philanthropy in Israel and abroad
  • Articles about professional ethics on fundraising
  • Additional written material about American and British foundations

What does library membership include?

  • An instructional lesson about Shatil library use in general and its web resources in detail
  • One year of free library use (one can also purchase a pass for one time use, or half year membership)
  • Subscription to Shatil’s library newsletter containing updated information about resources development news, including calls for proposals and information on various foundations

We also offer (as a fee based service) personalized funding database research and reviews of grants and projects proposals.

For all this and any other questions about the center, please contact Yael Porat at Shatil’s Jerusalem office, tel. 0732-445142