Shatil has been on the cutting edge of building and training civil society in Israel for over 30 years, promoting democracy, tolerance, and social justice. Reaching out to disadvantaged populations, Shatil works to help people realize their rights and play an active role in determining the policies that affect their lives. As Israel’s leading capacity building center for social change organizations, Shatil provides over 1000 non-profit organizations with consulting and training in organizational development, advocacy, media and PR, coalition building, resource development and volunteer management each year. In short, Shatil is one of Israel’s most powerful vehicles for strengthening Israeli democracy.


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Special Offer

Leshem Shinui

To receive your complimentary CD, please contribute online through the links above and then send an email here with your full name and mailing address.

This unique, multi-language CD collection of social protest/social change songs featuring top artists including David Broza, Hadag Nachash, Chava Alberstein, Amal Murkus, Dan Toren, Aviv Geffen, Peter Paul and Mary, and Phil Ochs, as well as immigrant artists from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia.

The collection marks a fresh approach to advancing NIF and Shatil’s agenda. Each set of lyrics tackles a different aspect of Israeli’s social reality and inspires listeners to action. The link between politics and big money; ambivalent attitudes toward new immigrants, migrant workers, minorities and other “strangers”; indifference toward environmental degradation; the rise of consumer culture; the effects of occupation and war; and women’s inequality all receive their due in this collection. The disc includes songs in Hebrew, Arabic and English.


  • Dan Toren Yahasit Beseder  (Relatively Okay)
  • Mook E. Medabrim al Shalom (Talking about Peace)
  • Devek Beshem HaDemocratia (In the Name of Democracy)
  • Vulkan (feat. Chuck and Black Russian) The Aliyah
  • BrinkX: Messer (Message)
  • Albert Amar: Shakuf (Transparent)
  • Chava Alberstein: Vera MeBucharest (Vera from Bucharest)
  • Yankele Rotblit: Arba’im Shana (Forty Years)
  • Sagol 59: Nikui Rosh (Mankush Remix) (Head Cleaning)
  • Teapacks: Hora Nadlanim (Real Estate Hora)
  • Ze’ev Tene: Hey, Buba (Hey, Babe)
  • DAM: Kan Noldati (Born Here)
  • Hadag Nachash: L’hithalek Ba’ir (Share the City)
  • Adamai Ensemble: Absurd
  • Amal Murkus: La Ahada Yalam (No One Knows)
  • Aviv Geffen: Holech Kadima (Keep Walking)
  • David Broza: Al Titnu Lahem Rovim (Don’t Give them Guns)
  • Peter, Paul and Mary: If I Had a Hammer
  • Phil Ochs: There but for Fortune