Get InvolvedDo you want to make your voice heard? Do you want to make a change for a better Israel?

If you would like to volunteer at Shatil , please send your CV and this application form detailing your interest to Chaim.

As a capacity building organization for social change in Israel, we encourage volunteerism. The placement options for volunteers vary widely and suit a range of different commitment levels, timeframes, and skill sets. To make the process of connecting volunteers and Israeli NGOs easier and more efficient, we have compiled a database of valuable information on volunteer needs at social change NGOs.

Following are some of the social change organizations that might benefit from your help. This database was prepared as a service to potential volunteers, but please note that Shatil does not take responsibility for the ultimate connection and collaboration between these organizations and volunteers.

This (beta) Shatil volunteer database includes details on the mission of the organization as well as its specific needs are regarding volunteers. So go ahead and start looking through the information we’ve provided. Once you find an NGO that you think match your skills, qualifications, and level of commitment, please be in touch with that organization directly.

Please see the links below to Shatil’s additional programs:

Click here to learn more about a variety of Shatil fellowship programs.

Click here to be taken to the New Israel Fund’s website where there are numerous opportunities to become involved and make an impact.

Good luck and we wish you the best in all of your endeavors!