Who We Are

Ronit Heyd

Executive Director

Ronit joined Shatil in 2001 and was appointed Executive Director in 2010.  She oversees the management of all Shatil projects, consultation and training, coalition activities, fundraising and administration and serves as the primary link between Shatil and the New Israel Fund and its Board of Directors.

Prior to becoming Shatil’s Executive Director she coordinated our Religious Pluralism Project, and more recently, directed the Social and Economic Justice Initiative.

Ronit received a B.A. in Psychology and Multi-disciplinary studies and an M.A. in Social Psychology, graduating both “with exceeding excellence”, from the Hebrew University. She has also worked as a teacher, editor and writer, and has published a children’s book titled “Maneira the Witch”.


Carlos Sztyglic

Associate Director

Carlos has been with Shatil since 1989 and has served as Associate Director since 1992. He serves as liaison for strengthening Shatil -NIF joint work and strategic processes. He is also in charge of strengthening Shatil’s ties with the third sector and collaborations with academia.

Carlos’s background is in community social work and organizational consulting. He also represents the Israeli Alliance of Infrastructure Organizations’ on the Board of Directors of the Israeli Association of Non Profit and Voluntary Organizations.


Elana Silver

Associate Director

Elana first joined Shatil as an intern in 2005, shortly after making Aliyah. Within a short time she became a regular staff member of the resource development department, eventually serving as department manager. In 2012 Elana left Shatil to head up the Development Department at Bimkom-Planners for Planning Rights where she further honed her capacities in the field.

In 2016 Elana returned to Shatil as Associate Director in charge of development.

Prior to making aliyah, Elana worked as a fundraiser for the Brooklyn Center for the Urban Environment and Planned Parenthood of Georgia. She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Brauch College.


Abeer Halabi

Shared Society Director

Abeer Halabi, from Daliyat al-Karmel, was appointed Shatil Shared Society Director in December 2017. Abeer has an MA in social work from Tel Aviv University and is a trained and experienced group facilitator.

Her professional past includes Jewish-Arab dialog, working with delinquent youth in the Arab community, developing work methodologies for services for Arab senior citizens, and capacity building training for young female Arab leadership. Most recently she served as group facilitator and project coordinator for Jewish and Arab educators at the Merchavim Institute.


Sultan Abu Obaid

Beersheba Office Director

Sultan joined Shatil in 2005. Sultan works to promote social change in the Negev through instruction and empowerment of local organizations and communities, with a special emphasis on the Bedouin Community.  He supervises all Shatil Negev based activities.

Prior to joining Shatil, Sultan founded the Negev Educational Association, where he supervised projects promoting early childhood education, weaving projects for Bedouin women and Jewish-Arab co-existence work. He has also served as Director of Educational Programs at the Negev Institute-AJEEC and as a facilitator in community schools run by the Israel Association of Community Centers.

Born and raised in the Negev, Sultan graduated with an M.A. in educational psychology from Ben Gurion University. He volunteers for initiatives promoting Bedouin rights and helped establish the Sons of Laqiya Cultural Association.


Idit Menashe

Director, Shatil Center for Policy Change

Idit joined Shatil in 2010, and since 2014 has served as Director of Shatil’s Center for Policy Change.

Prior to joining Shatil, Idit spent five years in the Knesset as a senior aide to MKs Ran Cohen and Nitzan Horovitz. Idit first heard of Shatil as a student activist at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, where she studied behavioral sciences and worked to lift the ban on political activity on campus.