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Esther Sivan - Director of Shatil
For 38 years, Shatil has been privileged to play a central role in building and empowering Israeli civil society. We support organizations and activists working to strengthen democratic society, offering cutting-edge capacity building, training, and guidance. In everything we do – whether convening, consulting, seeding organizations, or advocacy – we aim to advance a society grounded in justice, equality, human rights, and the rule of law. I invite you to join with us in this essential work.
Esther Sivan - Shatil's Director
Our Priorities
Fighting for a just, democratic society
Democracy and Human Rights
Democracy and Human Rights
We defend civil and human rights, and work to strengthen Israel’s democratic institutions and processes. Shatil coordinates NGO’s joint action and thinking on issues including protest rights and police brutality.
Palestinian Society
Palestinian Society
We act to advance equality for Palestinian citizens of Israel and to expand their participation in democratic institutions. Shatil focuses on capacity building, land and housing rights, and crime and violence reduction.
Religious freedom
Religious Freedom
We work to uphold freedom of religion, to fight religious coercion, and to foster moderate religious voices. Within this area, Shatil emphasizes cross-sector collaborations to promote gender equity and women's empowerment.
Shared society
Shared Society
We promote the strengthening of legitimacy for Jewish-Arab partnership in Israel’s public and political arenas. Shatil creates and encourages shared spaces for Jews and Arabs and works to delegitimize expressions of racism.
Housing activist Rikki Ben Lulu testifies at the Knesset
Social and Economic Justice
We work to narrow social and economic gaps in Israel as a means for safeguarding democracy and promoting a just and equal society. Shatil organizers work on housing, the right to health, and distributive justice.
Your donation helps us empower civil society to promote democracy, social justice, and equality in Israel.
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Your donation helps us empower civil society to promote democracy, social justice, and equality in Israel.
How We Work
Capacity Building
Capacity Building
Shatil provides training and individualized consulting to activists and organizations to increase their capacity for sustainable impact.
Center for Policy Change
Center for Policy Change
Shatil's CPC advocates, engages media, and empowers social change agents to promote democratic society through media, digital campaigns, and lobbying.
Shatil organizers work across our priorities to convene organizations, communities, and individuals with common objectives and to help them build effective networks.
Our Donors
In addition to the thousands of individual donors in Israel and abroad, Shatil gratefully acknowledges the following for their generous support
The Bridging Trust
FOHS Foundation
Greater Miami Jewish Federation
Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation
Itzhak (Itzik) Galnoor
Jacob and Hilde Blaustein Foundation
Kennedy Leigh Charitable Trust
Marla & Gideon Stein
Pears Foundation
The Rayne Trust
Russell Berrie Foundation
Sybil Shine Memorial Trust
Varda Spiegel & Bradley Burston
Walter Mander Foundation
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